Hertex Flash Fu
Hertex Flash Fu
Hertex Flash Fusion collection

With current trends leaning heavily toward a fusion of both colour and design, Hertex Fabrics has released their latest collection ‘Flash Fusion‘.

Flash Fushion is their latest collection of jacquards, accommodating the contemporary and traditional versions of this trend. There are designs such as Charlene, with its distinct and very modern Missioni look and then the more traditional Drina, Patsy and Sally which have been coloured in up-to-date shades for a younger market which still favours a traditional look and feel.

Hertex: Flash Fusion range
Hertex: Flash Fusion collection

Flash Fushion is available at Hertex Fabrics, a leading South African supplier of fabrics and home decor products to the furnishing and design industry.

Contact your nearest showroom for more information.

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