Hertex fabrics Pretoria showroom
A brand new expansion to the Pretoria showroom PLUS a new geometric print range you'll love

Whether you’re a novice or top-notch designer, Hertex is always able to creatively inspire the décor development of your home. With an exciting new shopping experience and new fabric range, you’ll find it a huge challenge to leave empty-handed.

If you’re living in Pretoria and a delightful décor shop is right up your alley, you’ll be very excited to hear latest news in the world of Hertex.

Firstly, the top story that will steal the show is the exciting expansion of their Pretoria franchise. What does this mean for DECO readers? In addition to their showroom, Hertex now has a separate store for home décor essentials. With a vast variety of décor items, their ‘one-stop-store’ is all you need to decorate your home this season.

Part of this highly shoppable essentials store is a calming coffee shop to allow customers to ‘escape the hustle and bustle of city life’. Once you have shopped ‘til you drop, browsing the sumptuous fabrics and inspiring décor pieces, the only place you will want to be is in the ambiance of the Hertex family, sipping on a soft, frothy cappuccino and planning your net big revamp.

Hertex coffee shop
Their calming new coffee shop to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.
Hertex's new essentials store is located  alongside the fabric house.
Hertex’s new essentials store is located alongside their fabulous fabric house.

With an array of interior accessories and basics like throws, blankets, and wallpaper on offer, the Hertex home décor essentials shop is the one-stop-store.

What’s more? Moving with the latest trends, a new range in the Hertex collection boasts striking, on-trend geometric shapes and patterns that are attractively arranged to ‘add up to a fresh and unique textile look’. If the sound of this trendy triangular textile finish is the décor design of your dreams, you can find it under the name ‘Trigonometry’.

Available in a range of versatile hues like lime yellow, chic charcoal, light crimson and a variety of brilliant blues against a crisp white background. And no need to worry – if you’re like anyone of us in the DECO office, and can’t seem to get enough of this new look, it comes in a variety of vibrant fabrics which can be used for anything from blinds, scatters, upholstery and everything in between.

Hertex Trigonometry 043_hertex_20499
The on-trend triangular textile print ‘Trigonometry’.


To view more of the incredible collections in Hertex’s range, visit their website here.

Find your nearest Hertex showroom at hertex.co.za.

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