As the temperatures dip, DECO seeks the perfect balance between comfort and flair. In the latest Winter Issue, we round up the top couches, fireplaces and rugs to winterproof your home. AND, as you have come to expect, there is always more right here online.

Here are a few more of our top couch choices. Fireplaces and rugs to follow, so watch this space!

Pim Verdoorn, Manager and owner at Leon at CCXIX

Couches | Elle Decoration South Africa
Sofa Company


What are the top 3 things we must consider when buying a couch?

  1. Comfort: Establish how the sofa will be used and by whom. Will it need to offer firm support for your posture or allow for horizontal relaxation? Then you can consider what materials to use in the crafting of the sofa such as foam, down or combinations of inners.
  2. The size and style of the sofa is important as it dictated by the room or space in which the sofa will be used. Consider where the sofa will be positioned in the room and how it will be used. For example, a large modular sofa might work better for a family room with lots of space whilst a loveseat would be more appropriate for a smaller formal sitting room.
  3. Choose a colour that works for you. Consider the room it will be used in and how it would be used. Light colours work for more formal rooms, bright statement pieces add personality whilst dark durable colours work for high traffic areas.

When it comes to sofas, comfort trumps any style.

Top Couches | Elle Decoration South Africa
1. Weylandts | 2. Chesterfield 3 Seater Leather Sofa R 29 999 & 3. Oxford Corner unit Chestnut R 11 999 both @home


What are the trending couch styles at the moment and why?

Large over-scaled sofas that are properly made offer comfort and a wonderful focal point for a room. There is also a move towards the use of more adventurous fabrics in bold colours and patterns… gone are the days of playing it safe with beige!


Changing the proportions of a sofa will significantly change the overall look so
consider this before changing the height, width or depth of a sofa.

Top Couches | Elle Decoration South Africa
LEFT: Kettal Mesh 2 Seater Sofa, Marlanteak | TOP: Oxford Daybed, R36 995, Weylandts | RIGHT: Modern Olympic Sofa, La Grange


What should we look for when having a couch custom made?

  • Ask for a guarantee on the frame of the sofa – most reputable manufacturers offer a lifelong guarantee on their frames.
  • Check the quality of craftsmanship by insisting on seeing examples of sofas they’ve made before.
  • Consider the size of the people who will be using the sofa… there’s no point making a petite sofa for someone who is very tall; they just wont be comfortable. Similarly the size of the room is very important, so double check your dimensions and measure out where the sofa will stand in the room.
Top Couches | Elle Decoration South Africa
1. Rest Sofa | 2. & 3. Suit Sofas | All from Crema Design


What should we consider when choosing fabrics for upholstery?

  • Rub-count is very important as this determines the durability of the fabric (this indicates how the fabric wears before it starts showing). Fabrics with high rub-counts offer more wearability.
  • You should consider the style of fabric based on the room it will be in and the other furniture and decorative elements in the room. Think about whether you want something more formal or casual, plain or patterned, modern or classic.
  • Colour will naturally be the first thing you think of when considering what fabric to use. Bright coloured fabrics may be seen as too trendy but can make a bold statement in a room. Neutrals offer a more sophisticated and subdued aesthetic. Go with darker colours for homes with children and pets.


Always check the colour of the fabric in the light of the room that it is
intended for as colours can change completely in different lights.

Top Couches | Elle Decoration South Africa
Bamboo Love Seat, Martine Sofa and Decorex Sofa | All from Classic Revivals


What are the current top trends in living room décor?

  • Large scale is always a trend… big pieces work in both smaller and more generous spaces.
  • Mixing materials like timber, metals, glass, stone and natural fibers are a top trend and offer texture and visual interest in a living room.
  • We predict a return to more traditional fabric styles (such as tartan) but injected with a more modern twist such as using more contemporary colour combinations or tweaking the scale of the pattern.
  • As we become more and more confident with our décor we are seeing a braver exploration of colours, patterns and textures in all aspects of our living rooms, from sofas and coffee tables to scatters and object.


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