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Mohair is one of natures true luxuries, light and warm the wool is both beautiful and durable. Steadily reaching heirloom status, DECO recommends Mohair to keep you stylishly warm this winter.

Dedicated to weaving mohair locally, the Hinterveld range offers beautifully understated patterns in neutrals and brighter tones. A blend of 70% mohair, 24% wool and 6% nylon the blankets are soft to the touch and a must-have. You can pick up any of the products below at

Hinterveld | Elle Decoration SA
Beautiful Story range in Neutral. Images courtesy of Zofia Chylak / Hinterveld /

What makes mohair so special

Mohair gives you the warmth without the weight, a natural insulator mohair is the most durable animal fibre with great elasticity that makes it resistant to sagging, stretching and wrinkling. Shrink resistant, the smooth fibre of mohair does not felt or mat together. Mohair is non-flammable meaning it won’t melt like synthetic materials and will only burn when exposed to direct flame. As if that is not enough mohair takes incredibly well to dye so it won’t fade.

Hinterveld | Elle Decoration SA
Beautiful Story range in Naturals. Images courtesy of New York Magazine / Hinterveld /

How to clean it

Soak in tepid water with mild detergent recommended for wool, gently wash by hand to dissolve any dirt particles. Rinse in clean, cold water then rinse excess water and dry on a flat surface.

Hinterveld | Elle Decoration SA

Beautiful Story range in Neutrals. Images courtesy of / hinterveld /

Handy Tips

Do not Tumble Dry, Do not Store in plastic, Clean before storing, Store in a cool, dry area.

Hinterveld | Elle Decoration SA
Atmosphere range in Feather. Images courtesy of / Hinterveld /


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