I wanted to share three concepts from three different countries – Holland, South Africa, and Belgium – all on show at Open Lab 2.0 currently on in the Design Quarter.

This is Peter Van Riet’s Sit’n Read from my previous post, but in Tord Boontje’s funky colours.

South Africa.
Haldane Martin’s newest couch came straight from the Joburg Art Fair to Open Lab 2.0. Respect. To be honest, I would recommend the people from Design Quarter to buy this couch, as it works perfectly in that architectural surrounding.

Urban forest is a light installation aiming to bring back nature into our cities, or at least respect for nature. This is a concept that I wanted to show in a commercial environment like Design Quarter.

Urban Forest consists of objects shaped like irregular tree trunks, made from recycled plastic. It criticizes our consumption attitude, using waste to start reflecting on our human behaviour. The built-in LED lights can change colour depending the atmosphere, the soundscapes, the seasons or other emotions linked to the location of the forest or the reason for gathering. The forest therefore can be silent and contemplative, or assertive and loud.

The inside can also be used as drinks cooler, turning the light objects into a lounge accessory. The art installation becomes a guerilla tool or a design object, to be used at outdoor events in cities and forests, but always creating reflection and respect for our surrounding. Material: recycled plastic, LED spots, ice, cool drinks

(The Urban forest shown here is a prototype in perspex. It looked better with the ice and the beer. But for some reason the cold beers have gone…)