The home’s natural materials and remarkable surrounds on the Moroccan Atlantic Coast shine. Photographs Nicolas Mathéus

Get some advice on building a home, or holiday home, that blends into the environment. As seen in our Slow Living issue, standing on the Moroccan Atlantic Coast is Home Asilah.

Surrounded by wild olive trees and prickly pears, the building is so natural in its appearance it could easily be mistaken for a piece of local architecture that’s been there for many years.

The architectural layout is modern, with carefully placed openings that allow for a play of light as well as natural ventilation. Photographs Nicolas Mathéus

Using local building materials stone, earth and harvested reeds, the homeowners additionally left the interiors largely unadorned, leaving the focus on ocean views. Here’s a few tips on staying true to the natural surrounds when building and see the full story in the November issue…on shelf only a few days more.

Surrounded by wild olive trees and prickly pears, the home is so natural in its appearance it appears to have been there many years. Photographs Nicolas Mathéus

Tips for creating a home that blends into its natural surrounds

Rely on organic materials that are both sustainable and readily available
‘Using stone and earth seemed like an obvious choice to me.’

Consider your setting when constructing a new build
‘The houses of the village in the area have inclined roofs or roof terraces to dry peanuts, crops or linen.’

Look to the past for inspiration
‘On an old postcard found at Puces de Tangier, I discovered that these roofs
were formerly thatched with reeds harvested in the dunes, and I wanted
o incorporate this traditional feature.’

Keep contemporary additions to a minimum
‘The architectural layout is more modern because we wanted to create carefully placed openings that allow for a play of light, as well as natural ventilation.’

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