Tom Raffield Grand Designs House Netflix
Many of the features of Tom Raffield's incredible house, featured on S14E3 of Grand Designs, are created with steam bent wood.

Becoming a home and decor expert has never been easier – well, within certain parameters, of course. With streaming services like Netflix, you can now experience some of the world’s most ambitious gardens, interiors and architecture from your living room.

Take a seat, settle into your comfiest couch and allow yourself to be entertained by  this selection of quality shows on Netflix:

Grand Designs

Kevin McCloud documents the emotional journeys of ordinary people building their dream homes. The series often focuses on modern design, energy efficiency, maximizing space and views.

Netflix’s Amazing Interiors

While some of these homes appear to be ordinary from the outside, a peek inside will surprise you. From ornate centrepieces, elaborately decorated communal spaces to considered design this show is a must-watch for the interior lover. Each episode features a mix of complete interiors and work-in-progress.

Netflix Amazing Interiors S1E1
The interior of a cleverly renovated Thames boathouse in Amazing Interiors S1E1
Big Dreams, Small Spaces

Writer and gardener Monty Don works with amateur horticulturalists to help them create the garden of their dreams.

Netflix’s The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

Award-winning architect Piers Taylor and actor Caroline Quentin travel the world to tour and stay in unconventional homes in extreme places; be it perched on a cliff thousands of metres above the ocean or a ‘treehouse’ nestled in a forest. If you’re looking for a home show that will virtually take you to weird and wonderful places around the world, then this  is for you.

netlix the world's most extraordinary homes
The exterior of a bold ‘treehouse’ featured in The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes on Netflix
Love Your Garden

Alan Titchmarsh and his team of experts travel the country to find the dream gardens we’d all like to have. Meeting the colourful characters that create these spaces, they’ll show us how we can live the dream at home.

Netflix’s Stay Here

Designer Genevieve Gorder and real estate expert Peter Lorimer show property owners how to turn their short-term rentals into money-making showstoppers. First-time property owners will love this one.

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