Chocolate Brown is where it is at. It oozes understated glamour; warmth, rich elegance and an effortless sophistication. At the same time it is somewhat humble, earthy and natural; the colour of dark, loamy soil and bark.

Images: Our masthead for our latest Issue91 is dark chocolate brown.

If we get down to basics and blend red, yellow, and blue (the primary colours), you get brown. That’s why every colour goes with it.

The colour brown is a strong neutraliser, as well as a great way to add contrast.

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Combining dark brown with black was once frowned upon, but no more. This modern combination is bold, refined and intriguing. The rich, sweetness of chocolate brown complements the austerity of black.

Many materials are naturally brown for example, leather, wood and earthenware. Use them in combination with one another, and with other natural colours and textures to optimal effect.

Used in interior spaces, the beauty of brown is known to make people feel safe and comfortable, grounded and at ease.

Images: | Vintage Heath Ceramics | Spotti/Winter 2012 Studiopepe Andre Ferrari |

Incorporate lots of glass and mirror surfaces in dark brown interiors to lighten the space and reflect the warmth of the brown.

Used incorrectly there is a chance it could be overbearing, dowdy and even a bit bland, but pairing it with the right colours, light and detail, it can be a game changer.