Team DECO has a fascination with scarves. This is putting it mildly. If we could, we ‘d whip all our scarves off all of our necks and hang them on the wall. Drape them over the staircase. Make curtains. Cover chairs. Invent collages and make tea cosies. Frame them as art.

Or something.

Recently we looked at Hermés inspired wallpaper. Now this guest post, kindly brought to us by Honestly WTF, explains exactly why the Hermés silk square deserves to be so wanted.

Hermés’ Festival des Metiers made it’s way to San Francisco earlier this week, bringing together generations of skilled artisans to demonstrate how some of their most iconic goods are made. The celebration of luxury craftsmanship walked us through the diligent and meticulous fabrication of the Collier de Chien cuff and Jypsiere handbag, as well as ties and shirt collars. The pièce de résistance, however, was witnessing the process of silkscreening an Hermés scarf in it’s entirety. Some scarves have upwards of 49 colors – which means 49 individual screens are manually layered over a sheet of silk twill, seamlessly depositing individual, custom created colors. Three things I came away with from this experience? Price. Tag. Justified.

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 – Content and photography courtesy of Honestly WTF