We love the look of patterned tiles used in a small focus area of the home. We chatted to ELLE DECORATION editor Laureen about how she created this tile detail that’s both practical and decorative (for more practical tips on flooring, see page 103 of our International issue):

‘The parquet floors at the entrance of my home were exposed to rain water and heavy traffic,’ says Laureen. ‘The colours changed and they were starting to lift; I had to fix them constantly.

I saw an assortment of patterned tiles at Moroccan Warehouse and fell in love. I thought it would be great to create a patterned inlay instead of replacing the damaged wooden floor.’

‘Luckily, the tiles were exactly the same thickness as the wood. So I planned the size of the inlay, went to Moroccan Warehouse and took pictures of the different tiles. At home I made a small print out of each tile, cut them out and arranged them into a pattern.

A handy man helped me to take out the rotten parquet floor, clean the surface and lay the new tiles into the same area. He used grouting and I got a special matt sealer from Moroccan Warehouse. I loved it so much that I did the same in front of my bath.’

Have you done anything interesting with tiles in your home? Tell us about it in the comment section below…