It was Father’s Day recently and I decided to spend a day with my dad in his workshop making a pinboard from scratch.

With a budget of R150, I bought a simple square board and pieces of grooved wood from Builder’s Warehouse, as well as contact adhesive, four sheets of cork and wide Hessian ribbon from a scrap-booking shop.

Once you have the supplies, here’s how to put your pinboard together:

1. Apply adhesive to both the board and the cork and stick them together. Use a large hammer to smooth out any bubbles. If you want you ca double up on the cork to make sure that pins secure well.

2. When the cork is securely glued down, cut thick Hessian navy ribbon to cover the joins in the cork, and staple the ends of the ribbon to the back of the board. (If you don’t have a staple gun, simply stick them down with adhesive.)

3. Place the grooves of the wood on the edge of the board to create your frame, nailing the sides together to make it secure. I have my dad to help me, but the guys at Builders Warehouse can cut your frame and groove it for you when you buy it.

4. A simple Hilti will attach your pinboard to the wall, or lean it against the wall behind your desk if you’d like to move it around. To add extra zing to your pinboard, attach fabric or extra layers of cork.

Gone are the days of a Biggie Best pinboard hanging in the kitchen – bring on the ever-changing inspiration board!