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Warm up a contemporary studio look with the right tonal red | Image ©

With the days now considerably shorter, are you finding that you’re often coming home to a space that is unbearably cold? Stop right there. DECO intern Lauren Wilson has found some simple winter décor essentials to warm up your home in an instant.

The first and most effective step to creating warmth in a physically cold home space is to bring in rugs for floors with a wooden or tiled finish. Whether it’s a social room where the family gathers or the business end of the house where mum and dad are hard at work, it’s always pleasing to rub your feet through a thick, plush floor rug. In a bedroom, it especially makes getting up in the morning much easier if you can roll out of bed onto a comfy carpet.

Samba Shaggy Silver Carpet 160x230cm R2,999, @home
Samba Shaggy Silver Carpet 160x230cm R2,999, @home
Shaggy Geometric Rug R1500, MRP Home
Shaggy Geometric Rug 160x220cm R1500, MRP Home

Unclothed windows are the sure way of losing the warmth of the day’s sunshine when the stars come out and bring the cold evening air for a visit. Dress them up with draping curtains to add a soft and comforting touch to any room. These can either be in the same neutral range of colours as the rest of the room to create a harmony between all the elements, or for the more adventurous home-owner, try introducing a delicious warm cherry red or a paprika orange. As well as a quick way to warm up your home, they’ll create a fabulous focal point.

Winter style Curtains Volpes from R270 & Stuart Graham POA
Plain Cherry Curtains from R270, Volpes | Giselle Standard Tape Lined Curtains POA, Stuart Graham

A simple solution that is often overlooked is lighting – it’s crucial that you get it right. Try replacing light bulbs that radiate a harsh blue or white light with a bulb that emits a tender yellow. This will create a warm and serene ambiance. Table lamps are softer on the eye than bright ceiling lights so switch off your overheads in favour of mood lighting when the nights draw in. For maximum cosiness, add the glow of candles arranged in groups around the room.

Angled wooden desk lamp R899, Woolworths | Copper Saloon Light R949, @home
Angled wooden desk lamp R899, Woolworths | Copper Saloon Light R949, @home

Scatter cushions and patterned throws picking up the hues of the warm tones from rugs and curtains not only add comfort, but a pop of colour to the room. Remember the 60-30-10 rule with your colour combinations; try highlighting your 10% accent colour with carefully chosen coloured scatters amongst the room’s dominant tone.

Handmade by Me Orange Squares Pattern Cushion R499.90, 6th Element
Orange Squares Pattern & Geometric Orange Cushions R499.90, Handmade by Me at 6th Element
Cushion Brown Fox 50x50cm R249, @home | Chenille Kensington 60x60cm Scatter Cushion R159.99, MRP Home
Cushion Brown Fox 50x50cm R249, @home | Chenille Kensington 60x60cm Scatter Cushion R159.99, MRP Home

If a full-on paint job isn’t possible in your living room, hanging paintings is a convenient way to bring a warmer colour to your walls. Warmth can come from paintings or photography consisting of oranges and autumn golds – natural scenes like sunsets and autumnal woods are worth looking out for and additional tones can come from these art pieces being framed. Although frames can add a personal touch to your favourite painting, they can seize an extra penny or two from your pocket so if a cost effective winter renovation is in your books, frame-less pieces are always an option – or, check out our easy guide to framing with ArtGrip.

Spitzkop 1000x750 oil on canvas POA, Alastair Barnes
Spitzkop 1000×750 oil on canvas POA, Alastair Barnes


For more ideas to hibernate in style and warm up your home this winter,
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Lauren Wilson ELLE Decoration South AfricaGuest writer Lauren Wilson is one of our superstar ELLE Decoration interns and a Graphic Designer-in-the-making, studying at Friends of Design. An avid photographer, she also loves outdoor sport, the local music talent and living in creative Cape Town. Lauren’s ideal weekend is spent relaxing on her farm, surrounded by close friends and her family of artists and architects. Follow Lauren on Twitter @laurencathw