Love the whimsical aeroplane mural on page 25 of The Room supplement in our latest issue? We bring you step-by-step instructions for creating the look at homeā€¦

Paint colours

Plane outline: Plascon Pompeii (B3-E1-1)
Aeroplane: Plascon Baby Bird Blue (B2-B2-1)
Propeller: Plascon Clown Fish (O1-A1-1)
Cloud outline: Plascon Bleached Baobab (Y2-C2-2)
Clouds: Plascon Evening Mist (WHT 08)
Sky: Plascon Lagoon Mirror (WHT 03)


  1. Print out this image in your chosen size.
  2. Cover the reverse side of the image in graphite by rubbing a soft pencil (8B) over the surface.
  3. Tape the paper to the wall with the printed side facing you and the graphite side facing the wall.
  4. Draw over the outline of the picture with a hard pencil (2H).
  5. The pressure from the pencil will transfer the graphite onto the wall. Make sure you draw on all the lines.
  6. Remove the paper from the wall. Your drawing will be on the wall.
  7. Paint inside the lines and then paint the outside lines.