IKEA retro collection

The internationally acclaimed Swedish decor brand has big plans to celebrate its 75th birthday, including a new retro furniture collection.

Founded in 1943 by the late Swedish mogul Ingvar Kamprad, IKEA is one of the most renowned distributors of ready-to-assemble home furniture, accessories and appliances. For decades, the IKEA empire ranked as the largest furniture retailer, championing design innovation with collaborations featuring prominent personalities from an array of disciplines.

To commemorate their 75th anniversary, IKEA is celebrating with their loyal global fanbase. Over the next few months, IKEA will be doing a brand throwback by rolling out retro furniture from past collections circa 1950 to the 2000s. The Gratulera collection, as it is called, will be launched in stages from August up until December of this year.

IKEA’s creative leader Karin Gustavsson had this to say about the hand-selected collection:

‘Each launch is very different, signifying its time period; from dark woods with a classic expression to a very playful style with strong coloUrs, and then to a more minimal look with natural light woods and graphic colours’

Expect to see some of the classics, like the 1958 handmade GANGET armchair dating back to the first Swedish store, as well as bold and quirky ’70s collection pieces such as the MOSAIKBLAD cushion covers and the STRANDOM armchair, which is Ingvar’s personal favourite.

See the collection below:

GANGET armchair, 1958
MOSAIKBLAD cushion cover, 1970s
STRANDOM armchair and ottoman

Cue the stylish nostalgia!