Mieke van der Merwe is an illustrator who wanders around the world, drawing as she goes. Since graduating from Stellenbosch in 2010, she’s tried to cover as much ground as possible, having walked her heels flat in Hong Kong, South Korea, Spain, Vietnam and Cambodia. One of the things she loves most about going walkabout is experiencing new things and recording them in her journal.

“To me a journal is a place where I can capture the essence and spirit of a country through way of expression that a photograph often can’t capture,” says Mieke.

“Trough my travels I’ve realised one thing: that people all want to be accepted and feel loved. We might look different on the outside but inside all people wish for the same thing.”

Mieke exhibits at Salon 91 Contemporary in Kloof Street, Cape Town.

To see more of Mieke’s work visit her on Behance or like her on Facebook.


Posted by Gera Smuts