A solo exhibition of ink drawings by self-taught Johannesburg-based artist, Jenny Reyneke is titled In Places Deep and opens at the Henry George Gallery, 45, 6th Street, Parkhurst from 6 pm on Thursday 16th March.


“When I draw in ink, I feel like I enter into a kind of African ‘dreamtime’ that borders on the otherworldly. I draw trees to remember my most integral people and my mentors. And seas to reconnect to aspects of the sub-conscious that I’m hesitant to bring into my life. Through drawing, a healing occurs, a sense of resolution…  I see the process as being intimately fearless, secret and illuminatory. I don’t hide behind colour. I dive, mind and soul, into the unknown depths of my very own shadows and light.” Explains Jenny.

Jenny seeks to express the grace of the quiet musing moment and inner-dialogues and conversations with nature in the black and white nuances of her ink drawings (priced from R1000 to R30 000).

“For me, the inspiration and the muse is the endlessness interconnection between all things; people and places – our urban and rural collectiveness. I don’t think inspiration is something we find within, but rather something we dip into… like diving into a river or an ocean, stumbling onto a road, walking in a field or a forest.”



In places deep is on at the Henry George gallery until Saturday 1 April, free & all welcome. Find out more about the artist at: reynekeart.wixsite.com and more about the exhibition at henrygeorge.co.za.


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