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Image courtesy of Incanda Furniture

Incanda Furniture, a widely recognised and sought after brand due to their exquisitely designed and meticulously assembled, leather and wood furniture, has come a long way over the past 13 years.

The entrepreneurial spirit behind the brand, Gerhard van Deventer, is South African born and bred and proud of his roots. This comes across, not only in the design, but also in the local names given to furniture pieces.“Everybody wants to tell their own story and would like to be part of a larger story. Our culture is really nothing more that the expression of these stories that we tell of ourselves and our culture. The day we stop telling these stories our unique culture will simply disappear,” explains Gerhard.

Elle Deco SA

Established in 2003, Incanda Furniture has grown from producing about 10 couches per month in its first year, to current volumes of more than 100 new couches per month. The re-upholstery department, where well-lived classics are restored, soon followed and currently does the equivalent of around 30 new couches per month. Over the past few years Incanda has added a wood studio, an interior decorating service and has four showrooms.

Elle Deco SA

As the business grew, the factory transformed into a world class operation in terms of production efficiency, quality standards and taking client service to another level.

“At Incanda we stubbornly believe in our simple recipe of excellent quality, reasonable prices and superb after-sale service. We only use the best raw materials – whether it is for our leather or wood furniture,” explains Gerhard. The planks they use for manufacturing leather couches are thicker and wider than the standard specifications and are still fastened with glue and screws instead of staples.

Elle Deco SA

They pride themselves on using only top quality, natural full grain analine leather. The same can be said of its Blackwood (Acacia Melanoxylon) furniture range that is 100% sustainable. As an introduced species to the Knysna area, it encroaches on the natural forest and has to be kept under control. This ensures a constant supply of top quality timber while, at the same time, maintaining the natural balance of the forest. Construction is kept simple but sturdy in order to ensure a top quality product that will withstand the test of time.

Elle Deco SA

With good pre-sale service being the standard at Incanda, good after-sale service is the golden rule.

Images courtesy of Incanda Furniture

Fancy an Incanda original?

Find them at 39 Main Road, Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa

Visit their website at incanda.co.za.

Like them on Facebook and follow them on Pinterest and Instagram.

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