William Eggleston. @fjura and The Plant are all on Janneke's inspiration list

DECO got a burst of inspiration from photographer Janneke Luursema, from both her own instagram feed @still_______ and her recommendations of who to follow.

Follow Janneke Luursema's work on @still_______
Follow Janneke Luursema’s work on @still_______

Introducing the sections of each ELLE Decoration issue, are powerful opener images. They are carefully selected artworks, sourced internationally, that suite the theme of each issue. In our latest Green Issue, we introduced you to the botanical photographs of Amsterdam based Janneke Luursema (who nearly made the cover image too!). Constantly inspired by her exquisite instagram feed @still_______, we got to know Janneke a bit better:

@indiahobson: a photographer with an exquisite color-flow feed on her instagram

@lachambre_inspirations: a curated account of beautiful combinations of works by various artists

@fjura_: for the best floral design

The color-flow feed of @indiahobson
The color-flow feed of @indiahobson

Best advice you’ve ever been given? Stay stubborn.

@lachambre_inspirations : curated collection of artists works
@lachambre_inspirations : curated collection of artists works

Favorite words to live by? Enjoy the little things.

@fjura_ : floral design
@fjura_: floral design

Giorgio Morandi : Italian painter and printmaker who specialized in still lifes

 William Eggleston : American photographer widely credited with increasing recognition for color photography as a legitimate artistic medium

The Plant: A journal about ordinary plants and other greenery

Still lifes 'Natura Morta' of Giorgio Morandi (Italian artists 1890 - 1964)
Still lifes ‘Natura Morta’ of Giorgio Morandi (Italian artists 1890 – 1964)

Advice you would give your younger self in Art School? Nothing lasts forever

Works of William Eggleston American photographer
Works of William Eggleston American photographer

What are the main positives and negatives of working in an Artistic role? It can be an overwhelming struggle, but also very fulfilling. I don’t feel I have a choice though, I cannot imagine myself doing anything else.

Get inspired by The Plant (www.theplant.info)
Get inspired by The Plant (www.theplant.info)


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