Artists seen on The Jealous Curator: from top left clockwise Michelle Maguire Aunt Dolly; Nicola Klosterman crying girl; bottom left Umbra:Home by Laura Berman

There is no better site to turn to for a shot of creative inspiration than The Jealous Curator – a collection of contemporary artworks curated by Danielle Krysa that nudged the pangs of jealousy and made her think “Damn. I wish I had thought of that”.

Handprinted images of Great Aunt Doll by Michelle Maguire, “Aunt Doll, age 84, has lived in Canton, Ohio her entire life. She curses, loves cured meats, knows more about the NFL than you do, plays strip mall slot machines with her vegetarian hairdresser of 42 years, isn’t trying to be funny but is…”

As a part of the Elle Decoration Art Department one is lucky enough to be working on a daily basis with incredible imagery and design. Layout by layout, blogpost by blogpost, it is super fulfilling but it can also be creatively draining. More than once, The Jealous Curator has come to the rescue with bolts of inspiration that keep the creative fires burning. At Elle Decoration South Africa, we have also made the move to showcase artists’ work from around the world on the Opener pages to each section of the magazine. Again, more than once, The Jealous Curator lead the way to finding the artist whose work was the perfect match.

‘The Jealous Curator launched in February 2009, as a place for me to show artwork that “made me jealous”, in a bad, toxic, soul-crushing way. I was literally getting stopped in my tracks every time I saw work that I loved. It was awful. But now, over seven years later, that “jealousy” has turned magically, wonderfully, and thankfully into inspiration… but it’s too late to change my logo.’ Danielle Krysa

Crying Girl by collage artist Nicola Kloosterman – strange compositions of beautifully cut images.

In addition, as recent studies indicate “sitting is the new smoking”. Sitting immovable at a computer screen for over 8 hours a day is the health equivalent of chain-smoking for current technology bound generations…so they say. In our Winter issue, DECO said enough is enough and made a purposeful step away from technology and tried to take a more zen-like approach towards our work and daily life in order to creatively recharge. To this end, yet again, The Jealous Curator lead the way with Krysa’s Creative Unblock online course.

‘As I move forward with the site, I’ve realized that what I’m most interested in is, of course sharing/exposing the work of talented contemporary artists, but I’m also absolutely fascinated with the self-doubt part – the insecurities, inner-critics, creative blocks, and of course the jealousy that all of us have to deal with at some point.’  – Danielle Krysa

Umbra: Home by printmaker Laura Berman

To engage in creative projects and research, but step away from the computer screen, the DECO Art Department signed up for the Creative Unblock online course. Stemming from her book Creative Block where fifty talented artists were interviewed about their blocks, how they find their way through the days when ideas are few and far between, and artistic exercises to jolt one out of any ruts. There is infinitely something alluring about stepping away from the MAC and returning to the paints, pencils, inks and collage and just playing. Creative recharge…check.

Artworks by Kirstin Lamb

The Jealous Curator

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