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The International Book of Lofts, Slesin-Cliff-Rozensztroch, 1986 Image: JPEGFantasy

Most of us can remember flashes of the eighties and all the design excess that came with it, but the details of the interiors and furniture have become a little vague. Now Instagram is facilitating a new wave of nostalgia for the decade of decadence – all in living colour.

These are the Instagram feeds to follow if you love 80s interiors:

80s Deco

Curated by Chicago-based Meg Gustafson, the bio on the 80s Deco feed reads, “Because Good Taste is Boring”. Graphic interiors, furniture and lighting feature heavily on the feed and are interspersed with graphic artwork. Punchy primary reds, blues and yellows punctuated with monochromatic patterns are offset with the glow of neon.

The 80s Interior

Londoner Simon Knight is the passionate curator behind The 80s Interior Instagram account which goes “inside rooms of the eighties”. These rooms are not limited to homes or the occasional office but malls, stores and restaurants too. Some rooms are even so bizarre that it’s difficult to even imagine what they were used for – like the one which features a row of chairs lined up against a counter facing a wall of televisions inset in eye shapes.

Neon Talk

Neon Talk promotes its page as “The Largest Page of ’80s and early ’90s aesthetics” and features everything from architecture to the classic Casio calculator watch. With an emphasis on pop culture and latest technology of the decade, this account puts the interiors and design in a greater context.

JPEG Fantasy

Vancouver-based JPEG Fantasy claims to have “The best 80s & 90s interiors & exteriors” which are salvaged and scanned from books and magazines. This gives the images an added dimension of authenticity and quality. What at first seemed like bad taste suddenly seems poetic when the image sits alongside the name of a notable designer or architect.

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New Age Cocaine

New Age Cocaine is curated by Los Angeles-based writer Katie Sennert. While not explicitly an eighties interiors account, many of the images ooze the Californian glamour of the decade.

VHS Fruit

Self-described as a “visual dj from the future and the past” the VHS Fruit account aims to reference the non-linear movement of time – our present is constantly referencing the past making lo-fi copies through each iteration. The excess of the eighties through film, music, fashion and design is carefully curated on this feed. Plus, there are lots of bedrooms.

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