Soaring electricity costs make insulating your home this winter a must. Belgotex Carpets provided these hot tips for heating your home:


10 – 20% of heat loss in a room is due to uninsulated floors, with greater heat loss occurring in larger areas. Carpets are natural insulators due to their low heat conductivity and help reduce energy costs for heating and cooling .Carpets retain between 3 to 17  times more warmth compared to hard surfaces by increasing the R-value – the thermal resistance. The higher the R-value, the more effective the insulation.The thicker the pile, the greater the R-value.


This R-value can be further improved by adding a high quality underlay such as Orange undercushioning, which maximises insulation and underfoot comfort. This can be used with under-floor heating and extends your warranty by another 5 years.


Use heavy fabrics or layered curtains over your windows to keep out drafts.


There is no time to waste, winter is fast approaching!


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