With January all but finished and klaar, 2018 is well on its way to taking shape. With that, so are the interiors trends for the year. While we have experts who can identify a trend even before it’s imagined, it’s always interesting to see which trends are first out of the starting block and how they are used. We take a quick look at the interior trends we’ve already seen pop up in 2018.

Pastel Accents

Possibly a hangover from millennial pink, pastels are now being used to liven up spaces. Whether they’re being used in throws, cushions or linen, we’re seeing a move towards butter yellows, baby blues and minty greens. The best thing about this trend is that these colours will still work with the pinks that already live in your home. Throwing these colours together will result in an ice cream effect of sorts, and everybody loves ice cream.

Source: Design Files

Bold Wall Colours

Once more, we may have the millennial pink to thank for our bold approach to wall colours. 2017 was the year of the pink wall but in 2018, we are seeing more punchy paint colours making their way onto walls. Think emeralds, peacock blues and tonal reds, but basically, any colour other than cream or grey is bang on trend.

Source: Kristina Kurronen


Chintz, embroidery and wallpaper are all things your granny knew were cool, and in 2018, they are cool once more. In 2018, we’ve already seen interiors making use of clashing patterns and textures.

Source: Chinoiserie Chic


Where 2016 was the year of the statement pendant and 2017 was the year of the clustered pendant, 2018 is going to take that to the next level with chandeliers. Admittedly, these are not Marie Antoinette’s chandeliers, these are more sleek, more structural and design-forward.

Source: Lindsay Adelman

Bespoke Tiles

While subway tiles will never go out of fashion, we’re seeing more rustic tiles being used in homes. Think bright colours with more a handcrafted, artisanal feel to them.

Source: Style by Emily Henderson