Elle Decoration-Le Creuset Amethyst

“Purple has a lushness that comes from its long-standing association with royalty, and Amethyst is the latest addition to our collection of purple hues.”

Our love affair with Le Creuset, the premier, European crafted cooking range, continues as they launch the newest colour in their range, the versatile Amethyst, the colour of eggplants and blackcurrants.

Elle Decoration -  Le Creuset Amethyst

“A delightful, delicious and carefree colour scheme that will lift your spirits and cheer up your kitchen.”

Named after the precious gem, these pots in a trendy and  Matte Finish are sure to be as prized as their namesake. This rich hue has a calming and soothing effect in the kitchen, the perfect addition to a tranquil dinner for you and your family. Mix and match Amethyst to create interesting colour combinations that will turn your kitchen into a cooking wonderland. It is versatile colour that – depending on how you mix-and-match your colour scheme – can be key to creating the right mood in your kitchen and dining room.

Elle Decoration -Le Creuset Amethyst

Choose your mood; sophisticated or playful, contemporary or traditional, the Amethyst range complements a variety of cooking moods in kitchen. Paired with the colours Cotton or Chiffon Pink, Amethyst adds a feminine touch to your kitchen but if you are looking to add a more casual and lively feeling in the kitchen, combine a bright Soleil or even a vivid Carribbean Blue to the mix.

The Amethyst colour is available in four enameled cast iron products; the classic 31 cm Oval Casserole pot, the 26cm and 32cm soup pot and the buffet casserole, a shallow dish suitable for a tasty paella or couscous based meal. And of course, the range comes backed with Le Creuset’s life-time warranty and is dishwasher and oven safe.

Compiled by Nthabeleng Mzizi

Images courtesy of Le Creuset