New Pages in Elle Decoration South Africa

Have you picked up your copy of our latest issue yet? You’ll soon discover that we’ve introduced five new pages into the magazine! DECO ART, KID, GROW, COLOUR and READ. You can look forward to these features in every issue from now on. 

Elle Decoration South Africa

#DECOArt: Be A Smart Art
It’s never too late to start your art collection. In our current Ideas Issue #Ideas101, Monique from Salon 91 tells you who you should be buying and why.

Buy what you love. Purchase the most significant work you can afford right now

In the next issue, we’ll take a look at the art of framing. where Amy Ellenbogan from Smith Studio gives you some expert advice on framing art.

Elle Decoration South Africa

#DECOGrow: Growing Gains
Get your hands dirty with DECO as we dig up inspiration on the best tools, seeds and information for growing a garden.

In the next issue, Emma Frost from Supernatural Floral Design Studio will be giving you some expert flower-arranging tips, so you can bring the best of the garden into your home in a few simple steps.

Elle Decoration South Africa

#DECORead: Reading Room
Lazy, late autumn days are best spent immersed in a good book or podcast. On DECO’s hit list in this issue, we review Makers, Indigenous Plant Palettes, Cabins, Cook and South African Artists at Home.

In the next issue… well, you’ll just have to wait and see…

Elle Decoration South Africa

#DECOKid: Child’s Play
Keeping up with the cool kids on the block, DECO KID ensures that you are full of bright ideas and in the loop.

In our current issue we showcase the Coo Toddler bed from Bunny & Clyde, Mouse Mansion, a beautiful children’s book and the app Tozzle amongst other fabulous finds.

Coming up in our winter issue, we show you how to turn chills into thrills with ways to keep your little one stylishly warm this winter.

Elle Decoration South Africa

#DECOColour: Exploring the history of a colour
In the current issue, we look at Yellow Ochre. Serene, poised and softly exciting, this ancient natural colour was amongst the first pigments used by humans. In the next issue we investigate Blue – in all it’s frosty hues, the perfect choice for our winter issue.

Tell us what you think! Anything in particular you would like us to investigate on these pages? Just let us know, @ELLE_Deco.