Have you ever wondered what the inside of a stylist’s house must be like? Well, pages 90 – 97 of the Issue 56 gives us a delicious peek into uber stylist and our Joburg Bureau Chief, Kerstin Eser’s lovely home.

Here are some additional pics from the shoot, showing more of the magical nooks and crannys spotted by photographer Nadette Clare-Talbot chez Kerstin.

Kirten’s house is full of treasures, like her daughter’s first pair of ballet shoes, sweetly displayed in a glass bowl.

This little still-life in one of the kitchen windows demands a moment’s attention. Kerstin has painted this wall in Plascon’s charcoal, to which she added a dash of green, creating a mutable shade that changes in the light.

The top of a hallway cupboard is another opportunity for a still life of ordinary objects to be made extraordinary.

And taking it easy in this busy house of perpetual creative motion, quirky handmade dolls and toys, including one by Jesse Breytenbach, rest up on vintage linen.

Production: Kerstin Eser

Photographs: Nadette Clare-Talbot