Doesn’t an “Escape” issue make perfect sense at this time of year? I can imagine in utter clarity the feeling of just dropping everything to hop on a Cessna taking me away from it all…

And where better to go than the Xaranna tented camp in Botswana’s Okavango Delta? Here, you can relax in luxury during the heat of the day, and when things cool down, there are game drives and boat trips on the delta.

I haven’t been there (yet!), but listen to what our travel writer, Louise McCann has to say about it:

“The sala, perched on the water’s edge is, for me, theheart of the heart of this place. It’s where I feel completely undisturbed and closely acquainted with the god of small things that presides over the wetlands. There is big game: two lazy hippos wallow in the waterway outside my tent and wake me in the depths of the night with their breathing and snorting: giraffes saunter past at sunset; and I spot elephants plucking berries from tall trees on nearby islands.”