With Cape Town temperatures way up in the late 20s today, we’re certainly not expecting a white christmas this year. But that doesn’t stop our Escape issue from having 12 gloriously pale pages, celebrating the possibilities of white-on-white.

We’re so used to seeing perfect pics in magazines, and it’s easy to forget how much hard work goes into getting them looking so good. A few months ago, I happened to stumble upon our stylist Tracy Lynch (above) in the middle of her Milky Way shoot, so I took a couple of behind-the-scenes snaps to give our blog readers an exclusive peek behind the scenes:

Clustered around the edges of the studio are hopeful props waiting in the wings, crossing fingers that they’ll be included in the final shoot…

Need more white? Easy, just add baby powder!

Want to have some fun with your copy of Issue 58? Why not try to spot how many of the props I’ve snapped here actually did make it into the shoot!

Production on Milky Way: Tracy Lynch and Yelda Bayraktar
Photographs: Mark Williams and Justin Patrick