In our Secret Cities feature this issue, we’re celebrating South Africa’s vibrant and multi-layered cities and we have two fab giveaways for you! We asked Neville Trickett (renowned trend forecaster and one-time blog contributor) to head onto the streets of Durban and show us what his eye for detail picked up in that multihued, overheated, subtropical city of ours.


We really loved Neville’s montage of the bizarre and the beautiful that Durban has to offer (more info on each pic on page 124 of Issue 68),  and we thought you would too, so that’s why you can download it as a printable greetings card. Just click the icon in the sidebar, download it to your desktop, and print. *

See more of Neville Trickett’s montages and photos at his Saint Verde Digest, and also at his treasure trove of a Flickr site.

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