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It is not often you get a chance to explore the world of Italian design and perfection hands on. At an exclusive conference, the design network Italia For Contract of the Made In Italy label brought Italy’s renowned designers to South Africa’s industry experts 

Italia For Contract is fast becoming the cornerstone between Italian perfection and South African design. The aim, is to not simply bring Italy to Africa, but to start a conversation, an engagement and a platform to showcase the results of years of research for both materials and manufacturing techniques. With an audience filled with architects, designers and contractors, leading Italian design companies offered their insights, secrets and first hand information on their success.

It’s promoting the blending of innovative original design with tailor made production.

Italia For Contract: Carlo Piemonte, Simone Barazzuol, Silvia Fantoni, Davide Michelizza, Franco Di Fonzo, Olga Fontanini, Francesco Crassevig, Elisa Molaro, Sara Galliussi, Aldo Goz

From discussing doors to windows, transparent cement and  immaculate design accessories, Carlo Piemonte, Director of Italia for Contract, commented on the excitement of what the futures holds for architects and designers in South Africa.



We’re excited to further leverage and build our relationships with architects and designers in South Africa, by continuing to offer this market our best service and products originally made in Italy.

The Italia For Contract exclusive brands represent excellence and include: Frag, Crassevig, Pratic, NEOD, Moroso, Molaro, KENIUSThe Fantoni group and FoscariniIf you haven’t heard about them, read on and to find out more.


NEOD | Foscarini | Frag

NEOD Draws on many years of experience and collaboration with major international brand names. Their in-house workshops develop and produce unique, multi-purpose products designed to maximize the use of space and to save energy while integrating technology seamlessly into beautiful interiors.

FOSCARINI holds its values in research, innovation, product culture and experimentation. They are on the search for new lighting solutions, shapes and materials, which is at the heart of their philosophy.

FRAG can produce customised designs to meet the most challenging requirements. This is due to their extraordinary expertise and technical knowledge, coupled with the flexibility in its manufacturing process.

Crassevig | Fantoni

CRASSEVIG was founded in the early 1960s. Substantial craftsmanship and an unorthodox entrepreneurial vision have made it into a creator of timeless products and style.

FANTONI is a group focused on nature, the environment and sustainable development within architecture. It is the creation of new materials and the industrial culture the promote that sets them apart.

Moroso | Practic

MOROSO has an artisanal approach to product manufacturing and extraordinary creativity. Moroso has grown to distinguish itself in the market for its product quality, innovation and creativity.

PRATIC introduces the concept of Made in Italy with strong local roots, since all the company’s ideas and solutions originate in Fagagna, in the Pratic Concept laboratory of ideas.

KENIUS | Molaro

KENIUS brought us i.light®, the transparent cement that is giving architects and designers a completely new language. It is broadening fascinating horizons that can be explored in complete safety.  Kenius is focused on their consulting services and the deep studies standing behind each of their solutions.

MOLARO products have been studied with the great importance of thermal and acoustic performances in mind. Their products off the perfect combination of comfort and energy saving.

For more information visit: as well as their Facebook page.


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