Featured throughout THE DECORATING ISSUE  (now on shelf ) white takes on a new stance. A very warm one.  Traditionally associated with a cool, pure look, we discover how white can inject cosiness. Also the colour of neutrality, white can be whatever you want it to be. With winter closing in on us, we look away from the traditional beach house idea of white and embrace the ways it can encourage warmth. We especially love the image above, using fluffy sheepskins casually flung over a mixed marmalade of old chairs. The neat grouping of cluster lights puts the look firmly in 2013.

The neutrality and purity of white allow it to be paired with anything of your choosing, in a way that refrains from muddle and mess. Our idea of winter is all about getting cosy inside, preferably by the fire. White evokes a sense of comfort and softness with shaggy sheepskin rugs and soft blankets. Think alpine ski holidays sipping on gluwein, or winter road trips to the Karoo where the air is dry and the light effervescent.

The starkness of white illuminates any colour it is placed with; off-setting bold colours and brights in close proximity to it, while remaining clean and classic. White with pops of colour are like little bursts of sunshine amidst the rain: so pleasant.

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All images from bloodandchampagne.com

Written & posted by Zarah Cassim / Jenny Mason