This Caribbean island nation is not only the birthplace of reggae and once home to Bob Marley, but also actress, model, MC, radio and TV personality/presenter, Peal Thusi’s favourite travel destination too. The vibrant people, food, weather, lush mountains, rain forests  and reef-lined beaches are what created this beautiful memory for Pearl, and why we at DECO are adding Jamaica to our travel list…

The best place to stay?

Half Moon Resort in Montego Bay is just a 5 minute walk from the beach and has a beautiful setting. 

An unknown spot we have to check out?

The Rasta Village just outside of Montego Bay is a great place to visit. It has a lot of historical value and is the land where Bob Marley grew up, and is now where he and his mother have been laid to rest. It is very soulful and touching.

Images by Rikki Hibbert

Best activity to do there?

Swimming with the dolphins at Dolphin Lagoon and riding horses in the ocean were experiences I can’t really explain. You have to try it out for yourself just to see how amazing it is.

Anything special we should pack?

Apart from sunscreen, just a great attitude and an open heart.

Images by Rikki Hibbert

What’s the first thing you do on arrival?

Deal with the humidity. It is a very different climate to South Africa so getting used to the humidity is the first thing you need to to do. Be ok with it.

Where would you meet for a drink?

Pier One is where we went for fun times in the evening. The moon there is as amazing, as is the sunset.

A dinner recommendation?

Make sure all the food you buy there is fresh and local. They are proud of their food and it is easy to explore to see what your options are and to make sure you trust where you are buying the food from. I was quite easygoing and willing to learn, and will now vouch for jerk chicken any day!

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What should we avoid when there?

Being alone or unsure. I was with a group and I would advise that people travel that way in a busy and growing city. Use taxi’s rather than public transport and be prepared and organised.

What souvenir should we bring home with us?

They make gorgeous picture frames and other memorabilia so explore the local crafts.


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