Untitled, 2018 Scrim, acrylic, ink and thread on canvas 20 x 155 cm

SMITH presents the exhibition Century’s View by Cape Town-based artist Jeanne Gaigher tomorrow October 30. This will be the artist’s third solo show with the gallery.

Low frequency conversation II, 2018 Shade cloth, scrim, ink, lead Dimensions varied / Table shedding heat, noise and smell, 2018 Scrim, acrylic, ink and thread on canvas 120 x 155 cm

An industry sweetheart in only a short few years, Jeanne Gaigher is best known for her use of colour and material. Most importantly how she manipulates and plays with scrim creating haunting images.

Slowly walking towards each other I, 2018 Scrim, acrylic, ink and canvas 65 x 65 cm / Very different vocal pattern, the way they move, 2018 Scrim, foam, thread, ink, Artist’s boots Dimensions Varied

For the first time she has extended her collection of work to include three-dimensional forms and installation. Jeanne explains, “I wanted to mess with painting and the flat surface and think of it as separated elements; to use form as a starting point and new surfaces to paint on.”

Century’s View poster featuring Weather Changes II, 2018 Ink and acrylic on canvas 120 x 155 cm / Weather Changes I, 2018 Scrim, ink, acrylic on canvas 120 x 155 cm

Century’s View opens at SMITH Gallery at 5:30pm on October 30 and will run until December 1.

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