Last night, the world’s first contemporary African art fair opened its doors at the Sandton Convention Centre. The Joburg Art Fair has 22 major galleries selling work in a traditional art fair set-up, covering 5000 square meters. And apart from gallery sales, a curated show by Simon Njami shows off a broader representation of African contemporary artists.

The fair runs from 13 – 16 March, and despite the entrance fee, Joburgers should really do their best to take this opportunity to see what’s happening on the contemporary South African art scene.

I’ve been having a great time going through an image search, to find artists’ work to share with blog readers. These are just a few of the works on show, but there are hundreds more, and well worth a visit:

Julia Rosa Clark – Bring it on (get nasty remix)

Kevin Brand – Church

Bronwyn Vaughn-Evans – Home is where the Heart is (Vaughn)

Sandile Zulu – Galaxy 4

Peter Eastman – Small Black Portrait #3