Cape Town’s Team DECO will be flying up north for a fully Tshwane- and Joburg-focused scout-about later this month.

We can’t wait to wake up and smell the coffee at Doubleshot.

The shop is a partnership between Alexander Cathcart Kay, owner of Malawian tea and coffee estate, Satemwa, and Alain de Assis Rosa, a master blender and the creator of Tea Box & Mate de Sol, the only South African based blender of loose leaf teas.

The best of tea and coffee grown on Alex’s Satemwa Estate forms the backbone of Doubleshot’s offering.

Amazingly, the estate employs about three thousand workers and dates back to the days of David Livingstone. Satemwa follows extremely progressive farming practices and has numerous social and environmental programs in place. Being one of Africa’s leading producers, Satemwa has become internationally famous for its quality offerings. It’s also the coffee supplier of choice to leading gourmet environments such as the Fat Duck in London.


Doubleshot sources its coffees and teas from handpicked seasonal micro lots throughout the world, and directly from its award winning estate. Coffees and teas are internationally graded, and go through rigorous assessment before being introduced to Doubleshot’s repertoire.

Only beans rated 86 and above by the SCAA International Speciality Coffee Association are considered. Quality and ethics are the deciders.

These superb coffees are roasted instore on an antique Barth roaster (circa about 1916). Teas are blended for the local and international specialty markets.Their loose leaf teas are vibrant and exquisite both visually and in flavour. Using premium ingredients freshly blended in small batches.

Doubleshot is serving coffee to huge acclaim in Joburg. Alex’s legacy of knowledge and De Assis Rosa’s passion for his craft gives the unassuming open-plan store front a sense of vibrancy and keeps loyal patrons coming back for more.

It looks pretty decent too, don’t you think?

We can’t wait.