Spring has sprung. This means that increasingly we can and must head outdoors. Get sand between our toes. Watch the sun come up. And go down again. It means we get to skottel. It means we get to braai. To swim, and  to lie on the the grass and kissed by the sun.


It means we get to go on picnics.

“All of the villages and cities in the Netherlands are full of lush green areas that serve as perfect picnic spots. Jody Kocken developed a modern version of the knapsack to bring your food and picnic cloth with you. Urban Picnic is an iconic stick that you balance over your shoulder, with a cloth tied into a bundle holding stackable tableware, and the fabric of the bundle doubles as a tablecloth.”

Words by Jodie Kocken

Source http://thisispaper.com/Jody-Kocken-Urban-Picnic