Road Tripping in the Karoo

Some behind-the-scenes snaps of our Karoo road trip featured in our Winter issue No 84, now on shelf. We enjoyed looking back on the charm and persuasion out of the way Prince Albert, where we stayed in the lovely old family home of DECO stylist Hendrik Coetzee. We drove over dusty, mildly treacherous mountain passes to get there, mind you. Nothing that a sporty red courtesy BMW X1 couldn’t see us through. We do these things to get the shot. And for fear factor, dare we admit.

It’s also wonderful to revisit these shots of our ex-intern, the eternally patient, multi-talented Rebecca Houston, who can speak more languages than she has fingers on one hand. Rebecca can do anything, including be a model on the odd occasion. And now she’s gone out into the world to teach English to foreign nationals. Lucky foreigners.

We enjoyed getting messy with papier-mâché and playing with fynbos and spices and drawing circles with our toes in the Karoo dust. It was one of those kinds of shoots.

We also ate really well. Later for the Lamb Koeksister recipe.

Posted by Jenny Mason

Photos: Annette Coetzee