This is a survey exhibition – mainly of the ceramics that Katherine Glenday has made for the past thirty years since she graduated with a degree in ceramics and fine art in the 1980’s. She explores her post-university reaction to the formal approach of that era, her subsequent journey of self-expression through fantasy, symbol towards the past ten years of exhibiting in New York, which became the context for her distillation into abstraction.

She also explores the threads of her colonial history in South Africa and the splice of cultures in her personal ancestry and her creative response springing from these cultural streams. By creating the show as an installation in her studio and her home, she is attempting to bridge the gap between ‘art gallery’ and ‘craft gallery’ – between museum and domestic space.  She is also looking at the life of a working mother with children and a studio in the same space and how this process has formed her creative production to this point.




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See more of her work here | www.katherineglenday.com

Photography by David Ross | www.davidross.co.za