The Japanese kitchenware company . In Japanese, Hario means ‘king of glass’, which seems like a good name for this company that has specialised in high-end glassware products since 1921. They’re also good at things other than glassware, which I discovered in a visit to the excellent Espresso Lab Microroasters at the Old Biscuit Mill in Albert Rd recently. Espresso Lab has just started stocking Hario’s coffee-related products. I’m rather tempted, to say the least.

Hario grinder

First up, coffee beans must be ground, and the the Hario Skerton Grinder comes with adjustable ceramic conical burrs to produce a consistent grind for a variety of brewing methods. There’s also a rubber sleeve on the base, so there’s no slippage to be had.

hario buono water kettle

Next, the water must be hot, and the Hario Buono Drip stovetop kettle in stainless steel will do the trick. It has a spout that emanates from the bottom of the kettle because, the experts say, “To use a pour-over brewer most effectively, you have to dispense water right where you want it. The spout of the Hario Kettle allows you to effectively control your pour”.


Place the filter in the Hario ceramic dripper, add perfectly ground coffee and perfectly boiled water, and mmmm….. King of Coffee…

Find Hario coffee products in Cape Town at Espresso Lab Microroasters, or online at Hario.