Often referred to as the heart of the home, the kitchen is one of the hardest working spaces in your house so when it comes to design it needs to be both beautiful and highly functional. We’re currently working on a very exciting project (all to be revealed soon!) which required expert opinions from people who know their way around a kitchen best, so who better to turn to than some of the country’s top chefs…

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Carmen Muller 

Never skimp on a decent stove and combination oven, and especially on a proper extraction fan. Most people don’t worry about one, but they can be the most valuable item in your kitchen as they remove all excess smoke and cooking vapour from your kitchen. Also proper and ample storage space, as one tends to forget about such a detail and then it’s too late to add it at a later stage.

Claire Winstanley 

The kitchen is the heart of the home so you need to make it accessible and user-friendly. Allow for a seating area around the preparation counter and ensure the distance from the oven to the sink is close together, as this is the most frequented route in the kitchen while cooking. Make as much counter space available as possible, adding functional and usable food preparation areas.

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Hannerie Visser

A kitchen has to be big enough to fit a table and chairs so that it can be the heart of any family gathering or party.

Liam Tomlin 

Design clutter free spaces with plenty of storage space. Include as much refrigeration as possible and make sure it is a well lit space with plenty of different power points.

Wesley Randles

When designing your kitchen, consider the efficiency, flow and how easy it is to clean.

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Peter Tempelhoff 

Give yourself a lot of counter space, as it is amazing how fast counters clutter up when you are busy.

Gregory Czarnecki

The most important aspect of kitchen design is the flow, and it needs to make sense, be practical and efficient. You can have a very small  kitchen that is extremely efficient if well designed, while a poorly designed large kitchen can be cumbersome.

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