Into crochet and knitting? Well feast away, cause this fantastical installation will have you feeling it like never before. Hyper Culture Madness in the Vertigo World, a new piece by famed Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto at the newly opened Faena Arts Centre in Buenos Aires, has caught the eye of DECO’s Argentinian-based contributor Hannerie Visser. Designed as a spiraling network of tunnels and bridges and made entirely of woven climbing rope and hollow plastic balls, the spectator is invited to ascend into the site-specific architectural installation, and places the viewer at the centre of the creative action. Entrance at own risk, of course!

Neto’s exhibition runs until end of November 2011. See page 13 of our Spring Issue Wishlist for another (much smaller) knitted design. You’ll want to own this cheeky little piece! For more of Hannerie’s Argentinian finds, watch this space.

* Photographs: Faena Arts Centre;