Over the course of his career, Swiss architect Le Corbusier developed two color palettes , one in the 1930s and one in the 1950s, which he used in his architecure.



In 1999, the president of the Foundation Le Corbusier in Paris gave Swiss company CT Color these stamp-sized bit of wallpaper as references…


… and the reason for this is that KT Color had gained the license to produce the 63 colors that Le Corbusier specified as the most effective for defining architectural space. Now KT Color produces the Polychromie Le Corbusier range, based on these pigments.


If all of this this really intrigues you, get your hands on the book Le Corbusier: Polychromie Archietcturale, which is the hardcover bound book of Le Corbusier’s colour keyboards from 1931-1959.