The feminine and mystical Les Venimeuse fabric makes for a exquisite, daring choice as sofa upholstery.

The most covetable fabric and wallpaper of this year is without doubt Les Venimeuses – a collaboration between The House of Pierre Frey and Belgian decorator Victoria-Maria Geyer.

Be seduced by motifs of snakes embroidered on a thick linen canvas in an intriguing colour scheme of rust, night blue and gunmetal. Or the graphic black-and-white Ouroboros print that comes in both fabric and wallpaper.

Interior decorator Victoria-Maria Geyer collaborated with The House of Pierre Frey on this collection

Having approached Patrick Frey, artistic director of The House of Pierre Frey, with her initial sketches, Victoria-Maria Geyer then worked with the fabric house, renowned for collaborating with artists, on this exquisite collection. Utilizing the symbol of snakes throughout, the collection dares to give back the serpent it’s air of nobility. 

Les Venimeuses fabric celebrates the serpent with the power to summon both fear and fascination

The first design, much in the spirit of the 18th century animal engravings, displays three snakes celebrating femininity and a mystical power. Embroidered onto thick linen with a selected colour scheme of the designer, the fabric is testament to Patrick Frey’s motto ‘creating means daring’.

Les Venimeuses collection includes the Ouroboros print (a graphic pattern of snakes biting their tails) as both fabric and wallpaper

Available in both fabric and wallpaper, the second hypnotic design depicts a graphic Ouroboros pattern of snakes biting their tail – an egyptian symbol representing the eternal cycle of life, self-fertilization and the fact of finding in oneself its own creativity. Without doubt other South African consumers will join us in hopeful anticipation for Les Venimeuses collection to reach our shores.

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