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Malmesbury slate R1 243/m², Kinshella Natural Stone Projects | Still life, | Alcove Plume Sofa by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Créma | Design Ceiling Rose R363, | Leopard Tesserae fabric in Royal Blue R525/m, Hertex | T-Chair by Morphosis Design Studio R2 695,| Tratti tiles by Inga Sempé for Mutina, | Corkabitation Triangular seat by Wiid Design R4 560, Stable | Rondo Carving Set R1 150, Here & Now Store


‘We are our choices’, says Jean-Paul Sartre, which I’m sure you’ll agree is liberating, exciting and, actually, incredibly daunting. Our modern world celebrates individualism and customisation, and as such, we are seduced by an extraordinary amount of choices and decisions wherever we go. 

Your coffee can be tall, short, drip or dry, grande or granita, no fun or on a leash. You can choose to text, poke, tweet, chat, zap or call to convey a message, and then stream, download and consume your movies, music and inspiration on all manner of screens and devices. Painting your walls? Good luck choosing from hundreds of different shades of white, from old-lace to ecru. And then of course you can screed, tile, paint, quartz or carpet your floor…

There are just too many jazzy options for everything. And on top of all of this, the internet has afforded us access to boundless volumes of information in order to research our limitless choices. This increase in possibility, where we can tailor-make our own very individual and oh-so-stylish lives, is exhausting. Not to mention marginally terrifying. Yes, choice is the basis of thriving markets, driving economic growth through competition. Yes, these multiplying choices are evidence of imagination and modernisation, but at what cost to our sanity?

And that, friends, is why you read ELLE Decoration; because we’re here to simplify all of your décor and design choices. We ensure that your journey through the ‘commodity jungle’ is an informed, positive and creative experience.  Our new special edition Style Directory is the décor handbook you have been waiting for. It is our coveted little black book of décor contacts, filled with tips, trends and tricks for every room in the house. In it, we introduce you to the who’s who of South Africa’s décor industry. We tell you who to ask, where to shop and what to buy.

So, whether you are looking for a new rug, an architect, landscaper, bathroom tap or new curtains, this guide is your one-stop shop. Also, remember that we are here to help. If you need any advice, just tweet us @ELLE_Deco #askDECO and we’ll offer our styling tips, suggestions or inspiration.



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ELLE Decoration Style DirectoryRevealing over 200 of our most-coveted contacts, décor suppliers and design experts, the new ELLE Decoration Style Directory is a must-have for every décor amateur and professional alike. Packed with hints, tips and tricks to transform every room in your home, as well as all the experts you should know, it’s the ultimate buyers’ guide. From 22 June, buy yours across South Africa wherever magazines are sold and as a digital download right here.