Images: Design Love Fest

The writings on the wall…literally. Letters and numbers can be used for more than just writing and calculations. Walls have become the ideal background for a bold statement. Letters and numbers can be a whimsical way to add fun to any room. Make a statement with a letter or number of your choice and if you’re on a budget it is easy to do yourself.

Modernize and modify your space from A-Z  in no time at all.  Choose your favorite letter or number and away you go. Browse through some of the images we love for ideas and inspiration to get you started.

Images: Lamaisondannog Blog, Brown dress with White Dots & Mansion House.

Images: Lady Blueprint, & Sweet Thing Blog

Images: The Design Chaser

Images: &

Images: Vintage & Pinterest

Images: Love Lisa

A little humor in the home is never a bad thing and theses letters and numbers leave a smile on our faces. Check out our latest issue on sale now for more inspirational ideas.

Posted by Megan Aitken