We think trees are bos. Not only do they provide us with wood, which is beautiful to live with (as reported in Trend 12 in our TRENDS Issue – now on shelf) but they are beautiful and keep the planet happy.  To balance out our love of wood, we know it’s vital to keep planting. Proudly South African BOS Ice Tea understands the importance of trees and, together with Greenpop, they’re going all out to make a difference. Along with great packaging and delicious ice tea comes the initiative to have a completely carbon neutral status, meaning BOS is not only good for you, but it also does a good thing for the environment. So far they have planted over 2000 trees with the hopes of thousands more. In fact, the initiative plans to plant trees enough to to line a route all the way from Cape Town to Harare.  Or a forest that equals the size of 44 Cape Town stadiums. That’s a lot of trees.

We had to include this beautifully designed info graphic illustrating how a picture truly is worth a thousand words. For more information visit the BOS website www.bosicetea.com. (Hey. Besides more information, you’ll give a big tick to the cool music and graphics on the bos home page. Have a look see.) To join the tree-volution, visit the Greenpop website www.greenpop.org.