“Most of us strive to leave “our mark” on the world. But, lately, the trend is to leave as little a mark as possible on our environment. Imagine a home that is not merely energy efficient, but doesn’t have a single energy bill in its mailbox. The idea of a Zero Energy House is very simple and appealing one – building well sealed, well insulated houses, that supply electricity and heating that is produced and supplied in the right way. It’s really a question of attitude.”

Video by Green Renaissance

Who is Green Renaissance?
Green Renaissance is a film production and media agency, specialising in helping environmentally conscious businesses and non-profit organisations to develop creative content that promotes green and conservation initiatives.

They have produced a wide range of documentaries, working closely with environmental partners and NGOs as well as with local and global businesses to produce entertaining, engaging content with a socially conscious message, focusing on sustainability and environmental issues.

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