Image: Lixil Water Technology

We are fast approaching warmer weather and with all the excitement about taking the fun from indoors to outdoors, it is also a time where water related activities like swimming,  gardening and general water consumption will have to be taken into consideration.

This year in particular, the water crisis has escalated to a national disaster level and because of this, many people are now beginning taking note. The Grohe Dawn Water Technology manufacturing group, which also specializes in homeware and water technology that focuses on conservation, have provided a concise list of the steps we can take to save water at home.

  • Check for leaking taps in your home and ensure the washers are replaced if they need to be.
  • Install aerators into your taps and showers, this will decreases overall water consumption without compromising your experience.
  • Re-use water that is safe for non-consumable purposes – e.g. reuse water from the shower or bath to water the garden or wash your car.
  • If you are buying water related products, such as taps and mixers, buy products that have water saving technology, this includes great brands such as Cobra and GROHE.
  • Report leaking taps, burst pipes and blocked drains to your municipality – play your part for the greater good.
  • Be a good citizen – don’t litter in dams, rivers and natural water sources.

These small changes can make a big difference.