What better to kickstart your 2018 creativity than with an inspirational art exhibition? We look at some of the best exhibitions across the country that you simply can’t miss.

Candice Breitz ‘Love Story’ at The Goodman Gallery, JHB

Breitz uses her expertise in story-telling to ask what kind of stories we’re willing to hear. Told by Julianne Moore and Alec Baldwin, we are given first-hand accounts of the reality of the refugee crisis, as well as the harrowing journeys these refugees have had to take. Love Story opens 1st February and ends 15th March.


Eric Gyamfi’s ‘Just Like Us: Constellations’ at Goethe Institut, JHB

‘Just Like Us’ tells the story of a quieter, more mundane way of life for members of the LGBT community in Gyamfi’s native Ghana. The collection of images has been taken over two years after Gyamfi wanted to spark the conversation about how non-heteronormative members of society have an important role in creating the voice of that society. Ends 15th February.


Kemang Wa Lehulere’s ‘Here I am, a concrete man, throwing himself into abstraction’ at The Stevenson Gallery, CT

Local wunderkind Kemang Wa Lehulere returns with his fourth solo exhibition for The Stevenson. Through Here I am, a concrete man, throwing himself into abstraction, Lehulere explores the extent of his story-telling abilities. Making use of a wide range of mixed materials, he challenges historical narratives while bringing them into line with modern ideologies. Ends 10th March.


Banele Khoza’s ‘LOVE?’ at Smith Studio, CT

In perfect millennial fashion, Banele Khoza presents a tongue-in-cheek and refreshing look at love in the modern, technological age as well as how we endlessly compare ourselves to those we follow on social media. The exhibition is made up of bright colours, simple sketches and clever mixes of text and imagery. Ends 24th February.


‘Isaac Sithole: A Retrospective’ at KZNSA, Dbn

In honour of one of the greatest local artists, The KZNSA and BAT Centre have collaborated to exhibit Sithole’s body of work. Isaac Sithole was known for his intricate woodcarvings in bright colours. His rise to fame is a special one, born in Mozambique before moving to South Africa, Sithole was completely self-taught and learned his fine skills through watching other artists. This exhibition is to highlight the legacy that Sithole built. Opens 8th February and ends 25th February.