In our latest issue we published some of the highlights of DECO’s visit to London Design Week 2010, but boy, did we sweat over what to include and what to leave out! Here are a couple of  the design wonders we spotted that we’d love to have published on our pages, but are happy to share them here too:


We loved the Dandelion Stool by UK outfit, Design K.


Such elegance in the Timber Bottles made by Samuel Chan for contemporary timber furniture maker Channels.

Who wouldn’t feel like modern Royalty in front of the Princess dressing table designed by Olgoj Chorchoj, Michal Froněk and Jan Němečekby for Czech company Process ?


Finally, we were fascinated by the intricate handcrafted porcelain Wall Panels by PORCELLANA & DUOMO, representing a fusion of early Japanese ceramic forms and Italian Architecture.