The 54th International Venice Biennale opened on 4 June, and to mark the occasion the Pretoria Art Museum is hosting a joint exhibition featuring three Italian-South African artists Severa Rech Cassarino, Marco Cianfanelli and Lorenzo Nassimbeni.

Running until 16 August 2011, the exhibition is part of a larger project initiated by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Italian unification. Throughout the course of the Biennale, 219 artists of Italian origin will exhibit their works around the world in their respective countries.

The work of Lorenzo Nassimbeni (our EDIDA winner for Wall Coverings in 2008) strikes a delicate balance between architecture and art. A true designer, Lorenzo has managed to create a new architectural landscape that cross over into interior design with his new range of wallpaper and cushions. We could not be prouder and we highly recommend jumping over to Lorenzo’s blog for more from this talented local artist.